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Our mission

Looking at our students shine like stars

Our goal is to help our students to reach their full potential through concrete goals in each tailored lesson.

Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and acquire new language structures. At Wola, we are constantly striving to make learning fun and dynamic so that all of our students achieve linguistic milestones rapidly.

We promise that you will be able to introduce yourself already after 2 hours with our teachers.

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Spanish lessons London

Meet our London team

Helping you to reach your potential

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Alejandra Dubeibe

Head of Staff

Alejandra was born in Mexico and from the very beginning, she was deeply passionate about languages. Especially about her native tongue. She studied Spanish language and literature at University Complutense of Madrid and she has over 3 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. She believes every single student has a unique potential and acknowledges the role of a teacher as someone who can help them reaching it. After many years in the industry, she realised that it was missing this mindset. Instantly she launched Wola. Now, all of the students are getting results and the Wola methods are reaching more homes every day.


Anna Tyler

Spanish Specialist

Anna is currently studying Civil Engineering at UCL. She comes from a multicultural family. She is Czech, Spanish and English, the best of three worlds! Since she was very young she was passionate about her mother tongues and she decided to teach them to other people. She has over two years of experience in private tutoring languages and more specifically: English and Spanish. If you do not know any word in Spanish, do not worry! Anna is ready to give you the perfect translation as a native speaker of both languages.

Meet our Madrid team

Helping you to reach your potential


Marina Galvez


Marina studied Spanish Language and Literature at the University Complutense de Madrid. Since the very beginning of her studies, Marina felt passionate about Spanish vocabulary and poetry. She enjoys writing rhymes, teaching new words, showing synonyms and puns. She has recently finished her Masters degree and is willing to teach you some of the most beautiful words in Spanish.


Joshua Gómez


Joshua is a BA recipient in Spanish Language and Literature, and has also a Master's Degree in Spanish Research allongside five years of experience teaching Latin, Greek and Spanish. He has worked as a tutor and volunteering with adult learners, teaching both Spanish and English. His interest revolves around the syntax of both current and historical Spanish, and he attempts to teach it according to the structures that language is capable of creating with its multiple values and meanings. He follows the principle: "Know a syntactic structure and you will know a part of your mental structure".


Rocío Vaquerizo


Rocío was born and raised in a little village in Toledo, Spain. A traditional region well known for its mazapan and the place where the famous book "La Celestina" was written. Coming from there and from a family of publishers Rocío started loving Spanish language since she was very young. She quickly decided she wanted to study Spanish Language and Literature at the University Complutense of Madrid. Now, after finishing her Master, she loves sharing everything she knows about Spanish culture, including secret recipes from the most delicious Spanish dishes.

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