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Languages are bridges not walls. CIOL Members' Day & AGM 2017

We are over 7000 million people, there are over 5000 languages. How many do you speak? How proud are you about speaking your mother tongue? Saturday, 25th of March was a special day organised by the Chatered Institute of Linguists in London. They gathered together language specialists from all over the world. Translators, interpreters, teachers, private tutors, and linguists under the same ceiling discussing the blessing of having a profession that proudly breaks the barriers not only across different languages but across a huge range of diverse cultures.

The event was not just offering many workshops such as Marketing for linguists or Stress management for interpreters but an enlightening interaction between language professionals. We learnt not only about the power of languages but how complex a translation could be and how learning new languages open the doors to endless possibilities. Together, we stepped forward to share the joy and challenges of our profession. In the workshops the CIOL supported the professional grown of the attendees and there was always a Q&A that enriched everyone. People came from all over the world but we spoke the same language, the language of being inspired, proud and committed to what we do.

From our point of view as language professionals who attended the event, we need to underline the inspiring talk of the Director Sally Fagan She reminded the importance of learning a second language in order to expand your work opportunities and make more exciting your life. Also, she mentioned the capacity of every human being to learn any language and the increasing popularity of learning Spanish in the United Kingdom due to the fact Spain is one of UK's economic partners and a popular holiday destination. At WOLA we shared her vision and the idea that the borders of someone's knowledge are established by oneself. The event was not only a opportunity to share good practices and the love of languages but to create consciousness that the world has to go further, go forward, do not be afraid, and should be ready to join the adventure of an unique experience by learning a new language and at the same time, a new culture. The conclusion was the fact that we are all humans, we should all be united and languages should be bridges instead of walls.

More information can be found at: http://www.ciol.org.uk/ciol-members-day-agm-2017

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