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Step-by-step guide to Spanish flirting

There are more than a thousand reasons to learn Spanish. One of them may be that you are interested in a Spanish-speaking someone who you would really like to test your language skills with. Well, if that is the case, this new blog entry is perfect for you – Are you ready for our 10 Spanish flirting suggestions to get that person’s attention?

She might well have a radiant smile; he may have long dark eye-lashes that could steal your breath with just one gaze. Similarly, her name could be Laura, María, Elena or perhaps Blanca. His name could be Pablo, Juan or Roberto… but this you will never know unless you ask them!

You can always go straight to the point using the simplest of questions “Hola, ¿Cómo te llamas?”, but from Wola Spanish we would like to challenge you to be daring with a funny ice-breaker to ease your nerves and make that special person laugh.

1. Oye, ¿por casualidad no tendremos algún amigo en común para que nos presente?

Do not forget to smile. And if you can claim your dos besos de rigor with the kindest encantado/a or a mucho gusto.

Think of your use of Spanish as your love business card. When introducing yourself, keep your sentences sharp and to the point to initiate a dynamic conversation. For example, use soy, instead of me llamo, ask ¿y tú? and avoid clumsy explanations about who you are, what you are doing there and why you are talking to her or him (they already know why). Instead, try to find more about him/her. The key to success is to ask questions.

What could you ask? For starters,

2. ¿A qué te dedicas? works well in any situation and sounds way more sincere than the typical ¿estudias o trabajas?

3. If you also happen to meet in some sort of social event (a conference, a concert, the theatre, a seminar…) why not asking about their opinion with a polite ¿qué te ha parecido…?

4. ¿Tienes pareja? It is always a good idea to ask whether or not they already have a partner. Firstly, to find out if you are “allowed” to be flirtatious or if they feel comfortable talking to you, but also to make your intentions clear from the very beginning.

Nobody likes moscardones - Be a decent human being and back off if the answer is yes. You can always use a Spanish chascarillo that closes the door to awkwardness: Ah, bueno, fenomenal, pues entonces hago mutis por el foro. However, if the answer is no -and given that you have been very honest in your approaches- it is time for the ball to be in their court. Therefore, invite them to continue the conversation somewhere else – Whether you go for a coffee, a bier or a chocolate con churros, is entirely up to you, but keep it small and casual – it is not a first date, do not ask them out for dinner. Here you have a range of options:

5. ¿Nos tomamos algo en …?

6. ¿Te apetece un café?

7. ¿Te hacen unas cañas?

Should the answer to any of those questions is positive, you know you have winning cards. However, do not get too confident too soon and remember - To be charming you have to be yourself. Rather than babbling some Spanish Google thought to be appropriate, run away from pre-made compliments that will always sound too corny to be natural. Sentences that you might want to try out and you should not try out are for instance ponte a la sombra, que los bombones al sol se derriten or no creía en el amor a primera vista hasta hace dos minutos. Yet, if your interlocutor is a woman, as your Spanish tutor, I would recommend you to include a very Castilian pun to steal the smile of even the toughest madrilenian girl. One of my favourites is when she says “gracias” and you smile (again, very important) and reply straight away:

8. …las que tú tienes. Simple and chirpy – you win her over without being cheesy.

When you grab your little something you will have the chance to put to practise everything you have learnt in your Spanish lessons to keep the conversation going. And when it is time to say good bye, speak your mind and let them know how much you have enjoyed that first encounter.

9. Me lo he pasado muy bien (in Spain) / La he pasado muy bien (in Latin America). Me encantaría volver a verte.

And last but not least, another piece of advice is to never ask for him/her number. Instead, give them yours:

10. Toma: este es mi número. Llámame si te apetece volver a quedar.

Since you have made most of the effort, leading the way to that moment, it is only fair that they make the next move! Besides, you will make a better impression by not being too pushy – Everyone likes choices.

Now can you match up all these Spanish phrases with the correct translations below:

  1. I had a great time. I would like to see you again.

  2. Shall we have some drinks?

  3. Go to the shade, as chocolate bonbons melt under the sun (a bonbon is a colloquial way to refer to a hottie or a stunner)

  4. Cool. Then, I’ll make my escape.

  5. Nice to meet you.

  6. What do you do [for a living]?

  7. Essential two kisses

  8. What about getting some beer?

  9. Here – this is my number. Call me if you feel like meeting again.

  10. Hey, don’t we have like a common friend who may introduce us, by any chance?

  11. What did you think of…?

  12. Do you study or do you work?

  13. You have grace!

  14. Shall we have something to drink in…?

  15. Do you have a partner?

  16. Pest/nuisance

  17. I did not believe in love at first sight until two minutes ago.

  18. Hi, what is your name?

  19. Would you like to have a coffee?

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