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Be global! - Basic finance in Spanish

Every day companies decide to invest in economies which are growing at a fast pace. Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico are constantly attracting new investors by creating opportunities for accessing a strong base of natural resources and a large pool of new clients.

If you are considering about expanding your profits and the 650 million potential latin american customers are not a strong reason, you should also consider their favorable regulatory conditions and in many cases the government support. All is not yet rosy either, entering into a promising market means facing language barriers and understanding the culture of your target audience but there is nothing to worry about because at Wola we are ready to give you some guidance. This is the first step of your journey, these are 10 terms you need to know when talking about finance in Spanish.

1. Finanzas empresariales

2. Capital flotante

3. Mercado bursátil

4. Punto de equilibrio

5. Valor catastral

6. Pagaré

7. Libre de cargas

8. Crédito

9. Agente bursátil

10. Accionista

Not even all native Spanish speakers are familiarised with the terms mentioned before so, do not over stress if you cannot recognise all the meanings. The following exercise aims to make you understand them. Match the Spanish words with the correct definition and their translation into English.

How did it go? Do you think you got all the answers right? Check them out with us! Send your answer to our Spanish teachers and we will be happy to give you feedback. Would you like to learn more about finance in Spanish? Then, let us know! We love to hear from you!

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